Want to learn a yog form the world class training under single roof in the majestic island of  Bali. Then the waits over and explore our Yoga Teacher Training  Course or Yoga Retreat in Bali now..

Yoga Teacher Training Bali & Yoga Retreat Bali

Welcome to Anaahat Yog! Your place to learn and get certified for intense yet beautiful Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga poses with ease and grace! One of the most affordable and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Courses for passionate yogis on the majestic island of Bali. We have been able to lead you in this special journey with some of the best international yoga certified instructors. Your wait is over- Explore our exclusive Yoga Teacher Trainer Bali course!

Elevate your yoga practice to perfection – in a Utopian land.

Bali, the place destined to enrich your Yoga Experience. Here at Bali Yoga Retreat, the environment is serene and conducive to relaxation, where you can disconnect from the city’s hustle and allow yourself to focus on your practice and spiritual growth.

Yoga retreat Bali is your gateway to achieve inner tranquility on the inside and explore your physical capabilities on the outside while being surrounded by lush trees, glimmering ocean views in this exotic paradise.

We also acknowledge that you are an aware person with the will to expand and adopt a yoga lifestyle, even if acquiring Yoga Teacher Training is not your aim. Don’t worry! Our team will always be dedicated to teaching you everything for these four weeks in paradise.


Our focus here at Bali Yoga Teacher Training is on providing our students with a small and intimate class environment for personalized attention. We try to create a special and open atmosphere between our students, our teachers, and our team.

Yoga Retreat Bali

  • Includes short duration and fast-paced yoga schedule
  • Participation Certificate of completion
  • Stay Duration at the centre – 7 days

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

  • Includes 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training
  • Attain Yoga Alliance accredited RYS-200 certificate after course completion 
  • Stay Duration at the centre – 24 days

100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

  • Includes 100 hours of Yoga Teacher Training
  • Attain Yoga Alliance accredited RYS-100 certificate after course completion 
  • Stay Duration at the centre – 14 days.

All our Yoga Teacher Training programs will help you guide through the entire course to provide you traditional yoga stances, a detailed and genuine philosophical knowledge through demonstrations and study material, explain the essence of true yogic life, detailed descriptions and benefits of asanas and pranayama, meditation techniques and mantra chanting all of that will eventually lead you to understand the deeper perspective of spiritual life.


In this foundation course, you will learn and practice more than 150 poses of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga accredited by Yoga Alliance and loved by ‘Intellectual Freestyle’ yogis all around.

Throughout your stay with us, you will create a solid foundation and earn yourself a Yoga Alliance accredited Certification that will help you teach yoga safely and with utmost precision anywhere.

We thrive on setting high standards for our school and always follow guidelines to obtain Yoga Alliance’s RYS-200 certificate that puts us in authority to train you with perfection. These standards describe Yoga Alliance’s requirements for a Registered Yoga School that offers a 200-hour yoga teacher training course

The Yoga Certifications received by YTT Course graduates will comprise of their course timings and accomplishments as well.

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