Prem Arya - Aerial yoga teacher

Prem Narayan is a global yoga teacher based in Dharamshala, India. Born in a traditional Indian family, Prem has simplicity in his blood. He was first introduced to yoga in his school. After completing his graduation in arts, he got the opportunity to work in various fields. But he was not able to find satisfaction in his work. This raised a question in his mind- what is the purpose of his existence? It tempted him to find the answers about his existence.

He left his home and went to the divine land of Haridwar, Patanjali Yogpeeth Ashram. In Patanjali, he studied the divine language Sanskrit as a part of Vedic education.

That was the turning point in his life, from where he started his journey in the field of yoga. His yogic journey completely changed the way he used to live. It also inspired him to learn the advance and new techniques of yoga, such as aerial yoga, acro yoga, etc. Read More

Dr Sumit-Sharma

Dr Sumit Sharma is an expert in the field of Physical Therapy and posture imbalance and sedentary life disorders.

He did his Masters of Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders in Orthopedic Branch and a diploma in Sports Medicine from West Bengal. He is also a certified Pilate, strainer from Indian Academy of Fitness Training Mangalore. His simple and contemporary style of delivering deep and practical knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology endear him to his students. He has taught a few hundred students from more than 35 countries and he mainly focuses on the therapeutic aspects of yoga.

At present He is working as a Head of Department at Nirmal Ashram Hospital Bali and Chief Physiotherapist at Shiva Cricket Academy Bali. He did his Certificate in Manual Therapy from Capri Institute New Delhi under the guidance of Dr Deepak Kumar the only Accredited Mulligan Therapy Teacher in INDIA. Read More


VICTOR NOGUERA: Practicante y profesor de Yoga, eterno alumno y convencido de los beneficios que el yoga nos aporta a cada uno de los que nos acercamos a esta práctica que sin duda nos marca como personas, como seres. La ayuda de mis profesores (que son muchos), guías que entregan su amor por esta disciplina, me han ayudado a que hoy siga el mismo camino, siga sus pasos y acentúe el compromiso de querer compartir mis conocimientos y mi experiencia como un nuevo guía a las personas que se inician o siguen los mismos pasos que yo voy dando. Soy un eterno alumno y eterno principiante. Intento equilibrar en igual medida las clases que imparto con las que recibo para que este flujo de energía mantenga mi vida en un constante camino que hace que mis días se llenen de fuerza, paz y armonía. Agradecido a la vida. Casi desde mi llegada a España hace mas de doce años comencé a practicar Yoga.  Read More



Maria Paula loves movement in every way when she was little she practised artistic gymnastics for many years and went to a school that puts a lot of emphasis on sports. Years later she played hockey and tennis. In 2014 begins aerial silks acrobatics in her hometown, Córdoba, Argentina, which the teacher was using the sun salutation as a warm-up, discovering like that her first steps in Yoga. So she became interested and a year later she travelled to Buenos Aires to do the teacher training in Iyengar Yoga. During 2015 she taught Hatha Yoga in different countries on her trip through Latin America. In 2016 she travels to Berlin where she continues teaching and taking several Acroyoga courses, including the Lunar and Solar Immersion, finishing in 2018 the Acroyoga teacher training with the Acroyoga International school. Also in 2018 she travels to India and completes the 200hs of Multistyle Yoga in Dharamshala India. These days she is teaching Hatha Yoga and Acroyoga in Argentina and Germany.  Read More