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5 Reasons Every Mom Should Try Aerial Yoga at Least Once


Aerial Yoga For Mom, Yoga is an old practice of India and also practices all over the world to stay fit and make the body flexible. Yoga also helps us to stay away from illness and heal multiple health issues. This is the reason that various people including moms trust the power of yoga. They all understand the energy, flexibility and strength given by a regular practice to our bodies along with the stress-reducing benefits of a single class. In addition, yoga is considered as one of the best forms of work out to get in regardless of what your schedule [...]

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7 Unique Aerial Yoga Accessories


If you love to fly and have your own yoga swing at home, you’re probably looking for new tricks, accessories and apparatus to use to improve your technique. When it comes to aerial yoga accessories, there are loads of unique and interesting items available to choose from! What is Aerial Yoga? Aerial Yoga or Aeronautical yoga is a kind of yoga which uses a yoga swing or hammock to enable students to do pose that they may not conventionally have the option to endeavour on the yoga mat. It is regularly likewise alluded to as AntiGravity yoga. It joins traditional yoga [...]

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