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Upcoming Training

01 September to 21 September 2024


(Sharing Room)


(Private Room)

NOTE: Sharing Room Accommodation will have Double Bed


We would like to introduce to you our 21 days 200 Hour Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training Course (OFFLINE). 

This 2000-hour Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training Course (Yoga Alliance registered) is a 21-day course focused fully on traditional  yoga in many different variations: Hatha, Ashtanga vinyasa, aerial, & restorative, etc.

The course is designed to prepare you to create your own sequences and teach yoga safely to others. This Training  has a strong focus on proper alignment over depth of the posture, connection to the life force of the breath, and developing a personal yoga practice in our daily life. 

During your time with us, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to teach yoga and progress your personal practice inside and outside of the studio. Within the course, you’ll learn about the yoga sutras found in Patanjali’s Yoga Darshan, yogic philosophy, proper asana alignment, anatomy, the basics of Ayurveda, breathing exercises, traditional cleansing practices, mediation, and mantras from our highly devoted teachers. 

About Our Training

At Anaahat Yog we have intentionally built a team of dedicated people. Experienced teachers to help guide and support you on your path as you learn the physical, mental and spiritual traditions of yoga.

You’ll become healthier and stronger in mind, body, and spirit during this life-changing 200-hour yoga teacher training course. You’ll gain a new sense of admiration for the physical practice as you deepen your awareness of the mental and emotional benefits that come from not only practicing yoga but living yoga. 

Training Inclusions

During your time with us, your accommodations will be taken care of.

You’ll be living and practicing the healing science of yoga in the foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain range in beautiful Dharamshala, India.

Daily you’ll be provided nutritious vegetarian meals, and filtered water. Gluten-free, vegan, and other food allergies and restrictions can be accommodated.

“The energy we have to offer ourselves and those around us starts with the food that we put into our body. To create an environment that is positive, connected, concentrated, and compassionate, we are mindful to serve sattvic food to our students and teachers!”

“We’ve designed this life-changing 200-hour yoga teacher training program to develop and polish your understanding of yoga, as you earn your 200-hour certification from Yoga Alliance USA, giving you the ability to teach anywhere in the world.”

Course Objectives

Develop your own personal daily practice. Daily practice of pranayama breathwork, kriya cleansing practices, energy work with mudras, and meditation.

Learn proper alignment of the asanas and how to safely adjust yourself and students. Learn to effectively give instruction and safely use props.

Learn about the muscular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems and how they are affected by the practice of yoga. Study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and learn to incorporate the ethics and traditions into your daily yoga practice and life.

Learn to unify all the concepts to design creative and healing asana practices for your students. Learn how to teach and manage a class in a small group of environments.

Asana Practice

  • Learn the proper foundation and alignment of each posture.
  • Learn to link asanas to create energising and healing classes.
  • About the effects, the different asanas have on the body.
  • Learn the traditional and modified Surya namaskar sun salutation for Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa.
  • Learn the basic modern and traditional yoga poses.
  • Learn to safely perform arm-balancing, back-bending, and hip-opening postures.

Alignment & Adjustment

  • Standing postures and alignment.
  • How to safely enter backward bends.
  • How to safely perform forward bending.
  • Alignment and control of spinal twisting.
  • Practice and alignment of inversions.
  • How to sequence asanas for joint and muscle mobility.
  • Learn to give cues and instructions.
  • Learn the foundational anatomy of each yoga posture.
  • Understand the internal and external benefits of postures.
  • Learn the contraindications and when to avoid or modify postures.  
  • Learn how to use props to support developing yoga practice.

Anatomy & Physiology

In anatomy, you will learn the basics of the body systems and how they connect and respond to your asana practice.


Topics include:

  • Skeletal System, Joints and Range of Motion, Muscular System, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Nervous System, Common Ailments, Postural Imbalances.
  • Learn introductory concepts of anatomy and human physiology and how they relate to the practice of yoga. 
  • Learn how to apply anatomical principles to your daily yoga practice and your classes.
  • Learn healthy patterns of movementLearn the mechanics of yoga asanas and how they benefit the body internally and externally. 
  • Learn the practical application of anatomy, skeletal system, muscular system, connective tissue, nervous system, and movements of the major joints of the body. Muscular and skeletal differences i.e. compression, tension, and proportion and orientation theory.Study of various regions of the body: Shoulder, spine, knee, and hips.

Mantra Recitation

  • Practice and learn Sanskrit mantras related to the practice and spirituality of yoga.
  • Union Mantra, Guru Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Shanti Mantra and more.

Daily schedule (Tentative)

Time Activity
Traditional cleansing practices
Asana Practice
09:00 - 9:30
Pranayama, breathing exercises, mantra chanting, and meditation practice
Asana alignment and adjustment
Asanas practice
Evening meditation sessions
Dinner and free time and group networking

NOTE: The daily schedule can be changed, depending on the season.

Course Highlights

  • Meditation, Posture alignment
  • 2 healthy vegetarian meals and 1 snack
  • Relaxation time for local sightseeing
  • 20-night accommodation
  • Refreshments and team activities
  • Kirtan Excursion ie. Waterfall visit
  • Buddhist Monastery visit
  • Jungle walk
  • Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Aerial Yoga Classes

Upcoming Training

01 September to 21 September 2024


(Sharing Room)


(Private Room)

NOTE: Sharing Room Accommodation will have Double Bed