Maria Paula

Anaahat Yog Student Pula

Maria Paula loves movement in every way, when she was little she practiced artistic gymnastics for many years and went to a school that put a lot of emphasis on sports. Years later she played hockey and tennis. In 2014 begins aereal silks acrobatics in her hometown, Córdoba, Argentina, which the teacher was using  the sun salutation as a warm up, discovering like that her first steps in Yoga.So she became interested and a year later she traveled to Buenos Aires to do the teacher training in Iyengar Yoga. During 2015 she taught Hatha Yoga in different countries on her trip through Latin America. In 2016 she travels to Berlin where she continues teaching and taking several Acroyoga courses, including the Lunar and Solar Immersion, finishing in 2018  the Acroyoga teacher training  with the Acroyoga International school. Also in 2018 she travels to India and completes the 200hs of Multistyle Yoga in Dharamshala India. These  days  she is teaching Hatha Yoga and Acroyoga in Argentina and Germany.