Anastasia is an Alaskan based, international instructor who travels to learn as well as teach movement arts.

As a child she always had a passion for learning about the complexities of life and expressing it through art. However, movement was not always her expression. In primary school she enjoyed art classes, but did not fit in to the traditional sports offered in her physical education. She had an interest in gymnastics and dance, but her home life didn’t provide the opportunity to explore those extracurricular activities.

As a result of being and under-active she began to experience discomfort from an underlying condition that was not understood by her caregivers. Hyper-mobility meant that her tendons and ligaments did not support her joints and so tension and compensations formed. She managed this discomfort throughout her youth and learned to tolerate persisting pain. It was wasn’t addressed until adulthood when the chronic pain started to immobilize her and disrupt her undergraduate studies.

She refused to accept immobility as an inevitability. In pursuit of relief from chronic pain, she sought to understand the body and re-frame hyper-mobility from a weakness to her strength. She began by taking yoga classes through her University. Despite the challenge of overcoming an increase in pain from the initial growth, asana practice began to establish a foundation for strength and pain relief. Unfortunately, it soon became counterproductive as passive flexibility was encouraged by western instructors without awareness of the body’s hyper-mobility and resulting instability.

She then stumbled upon aerial silks through a University club and fell in love. It encouraged a new sense of strength and active flexibility. In order to gain new skills she had to be intentional in order to avoid injury. Even with purposeful awareness a high threshold for pain made it difficult to find healthy limits. Her undergraduate studies in Biology gave her a curiosity and scientific approach to solve her problems. Along with her newfound passion for movement arts, she synthesized her pursuit of knowledge through body and mind. Exploring multiple styles of dance, circus arts and primal movement as well as continuing her education of anatomy and the human movement system.

Never imagining herself as a teacher she was humbled when others started to ask how she transformed herself. Through sharing her experiences she felt joy in helping others and a renewed sense of purpose.

After meeting like minded individuals who believe in healing through proper alignment and intentional movement she continued to seek courses to enhance her instruction, leading her to programs such as personal trainer certification through NASM.  Coming full circle her love for aerial rejoined her initial interest in Yog through her Aerial Yoga teaching training in india from Anaahat Yog. Finally experiencing the lifestyle and mindset of Yog beyond asana prompted her to pursue her 200 hrs TTC from her beloved teacher and school “Anaahat Yog”. Taking her insights mobile she teaches across the state of Alaska as well as Asia and continues to expand as she connects with more mind body connection enthusiasts.