300Hrs Hatha Yoga

300 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training India

Anaahat Yog has been able to design the most comprehensive course of Yoga Teacher Training in India, especially for you. We provide training with the aim to deliver the best yoga practices that were followed in ancient India.  Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are International Yoga Alliance certified and are accepted worldwide. We have Indian Yoga Teachers with the translators available in popular languages.  Our 300 hours Yoga Teacher certification courses includes study of ancient yoga philosophy to gain in-depth knowledge of the text and techniques involved in yoga and the understand the true meaning being  a “YOGI”.

We work to bring the real yogis out from our students, helping them to lead a life which they feel worth.

Become a Yoga Instructor in one month

In our 300 Hrs teacher training programs we train our students in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashatanga Yoga, Philosophy and many other streams of yoga. You can start instructing and conducting yoga classes after undergoing yoga instructor certification program at our center.

You will earn

Experience: Our course curriculum has been designed in comprehensive manner to let the students have unique experience.

Alignment: understand the right postures and techniques of doing yoga asanas with proper alignment for maximum benefits.

Art of Teaching Yoga Asanas: teaching involves clear and spontaneous actions. During the course you will be able to explore your inner potential of being a learner as well as a teacher.

You will understand the way of executing a dynamic class while being in a pure environment.

You will be able to introspect yourself understanding your own uniqueness, accept and appreciate others as well.

Recognition across the globe: with the 300hr yoga teacher training certificate from yoga alliance and participants from more than 200 countries.

By our training we try bridging the gap between science and spirituality, the East and the West and most importantly between practice and teaching.

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