AntiGravity Yoga is a new hot fitness trend. AntiGravity Yoga is a new kind of workout invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison’s former gymnast and Broadway choreographer. It involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, callisthenics, Pilates and aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus, in order to achieve a total-body workout. For decompressing the spine, AntiGravity Yoga can help to increase strength and flexibility, as well as bring you greater awareness of your body. 

What does Aerial Yoga mean?

Aerial yoga is a sort of yoga in which yoga swing or hammock is used to enable students to perform poses that they may not normally have the option to perform on the yoga mat. It is also known as AntiGravity yoga. It consolidates traditional yoga with moves motivated by dance, pilates and aerobatics.

Aerial yoga began in New York and is presently well-known everywhere throughout the world. It was founded by Christopher Harrison, a performer with an exhibition foundation in acrobatics. Aerial yoga is believed to be especially valuable for students who spend quite a while sitting, or who are suffering from back pain since it has a decompressing impact on the body.

In Aerial yoga, the hammock is held near the ground, for the most part not exactly a meter from the floor. It turns into a swing which can support the hips in both backs and forward bends. For some individuals, yoga poses that are troublesome on the ground can be performed all the more effectively and with less twist on the body in mid-air.

What is AntiGravity Yoga?

AntiGravity® Yoga is a combination procedure taking motivation from pilates, dance and exercises. AntiGravity® Yoga discharges muscular pressure through self-rub methods. It is incredible for issues related to back and joints because of decompressing through reversals. AntiGravity® Yoga can likewise improve flexibility and strength. It revives the digestive, lymphatic and circulatory frameworks through a flow arrangement.

AntiGravity® Yoga was founded by Christopher Harrison, who has a long profession as a Broadway entertainer, gymnast and choreographer. Did you realise that he is the first artist you will find in the film Footloose?

Aerial Yoga is popular with various names, contingent upon where you live. Aerial Yoga is also known with the following names:

  • Zero-gravity yoga
  • Anti-gravity yoga
  • Circus yoga
  • Upside-down yoga
  • Flying yoga
  • Air yoga
  • Spinal decompression technique
  • Inversion therapy

The Do’s & Don’ts of Aerial Yoga Hammocks, swings and silks

DO Warm-Up First

It’s significant for aerial yoga and all types of aerial work out to warm up appropriately before starting your exercise. Occasionally, you can include your aerial gear into your warm-ups. But, it’s a smart thought to do 5-10 minutes of light cardio and some powerful extending earlier than you even touch your aerial yoga swing.

DON’T Wear Lotions or Moisturizers

Creams, make-up, lotions and perfumes are a bad dream for your aerial silks. Your silks rapidly become grimy and will soak up any moisturisers you’ve applied to your skin that day. If you depend on grip aids or lotions, then you’ll have to wash your aerial silks much more consistently!

DO Keep Your Silks Clean

Regardless of whether you don’t apply perfume or lotions, your aerial yoga hammock, swing or silks will get dirty. This even applies to clean individuals who shower two times every day or more! Everybody sweats and sheds little bits of skin. These small bits of skin, blended with perspiration and existing residue in the room is the thing that makes your silks messy.

DON’T Leave Your Silks Up

In case you’re going to leave your silks unemployed for more than half a month, it’s a smart thought to take them down for the time that they won’t be utilised. Think about your aerial silks like drapes, and what happens to shades that are left hanging similarly situated for a month? They get grimy and dusty and dull in look!

DO Use a Spotter

In case you’re trying new activities or attempting to propel your ability level, have a spotter with you. In a perfect world, you’ll need a spotter who comprehends aerial stunts and can offer you guidance and advice.

If you don’t have a proper spotter, then an honest companion will do. Ensure you disclose to them the precise steps you’re going to take and when you may require their assistance so they can be organized. Demonstrate to them an image of the proposed postures to enable them to see further.

DON’T Attempt Too Much Too Soon

Aerial sports are highly motivating and addictive. This is something to be thankful for. However, you should pace yourself. You have to work through your advancement in stages and not surge ahead to the further developed stuff immediately. Your muscles need to wind up mould. If you attempt an excess of too early, you threat pulling a muscle or harming yourself so that you’ll need to take a break from all activity for some time!

DO Install Everything Correctly

Aerial hardware and rigging is serious stuff. You should be cautious and check everything is sheltered before you use it. Regardless of whether your gear has been introduced for quite a while, it’s as yet a smart thought to occasionally watch that everything is still in great working request. You believe your body weight to this hardware; you will be suspended off the ground and hanging in various edges, falling isn’t an alternative.

DON’T Take Unnecessary Risks

With regards to any aerial game, risks are dangerous and stupid. Regardless of whether you’re introducing your very own aerial equipment at home, during the establishment procedure, take everything moderately and read the directions cautiously. We’ve known about individuals harming themselves jumping on furniture to bore guides into the roof! It’s simply not justified, despite any potential benefits!

DO Attend Classes

Classes are simply significant. An experienced educator can show you methods and give you tips that you can’t get if you’re self-trained or gaining from home without anyone else. DVDs and YouTube are incredible, yet they don’t supplant the feeling of the network that you get at aerial classes all around the globe. Having the contribution of a teacher and different students will support your advancement.

Hope you are aware of every detail of Aerial Yoga and AntiGravity Yoga. Their do’s and don’ts. Follow them so that you can work out safely!