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AERIAL Yoga Teacher Training

Bali & Yoga Retreat Bali

Life-Changing Excursion cum Aerial Yoga Training in Bali

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Anaahat AERIAL YogA BAli !

Join us for the fun-filled, dynamic and restorative Aerial Yoga Course in Bali, Indonesia. It is a complete package that will provide you with relaxation, reformation, fun, excursion, pranayama, meditation and certification from Yoga Alliance, USA.

We have garnered years of experience in teaching this art form of yoga. And, have trained students across the globe. Our course is designed in a manner that will help you in creation of your own aerial yoga sequences. You can then teach others in a safe manner.  You will get one of the most affordable and unique Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Bali courses with us.

Our expertise in Aerial Yoga has helped a lot of yoga practitioners understand the practice of yoga using aerial silks/hammocks. And, has encouraged them to try beyond the traditional yoga practices. 

Elevate your yoga practice to perfection

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Why Aerial Yoga Retreat Bali?

Aerial Yoga is also known as anti-gravity yoga. It is perfectly designed to ease the practice of traditional yoga asanas making them more achievable. While practicing aerial yoga, your whole body weight is supported by the hammock. You will remain suspended in the air while performing asanas! 

Aerial Yoga allows the yoga practitioner to experience the feeling of weightlessness, floating in the air, as this art form is practiced against gravity.  

You will get to experience a multitude of benefits of Aerial Yoga

  • Stress relief 
  • Experience deep, full breathing
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Increases flexibility
  • Helps burn Calories
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Yoga Yeacher Training Programs

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Yoga Retreat Bali

100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Aerial Yoga Certification, Bali

Aerial Yoga can be practiced by anyone – beginners to advanced level of yoga practitioners. You will get a certificate of Aerial Yoga Training from our yoga school. The 200-hr yoga TTC graduates from any yoga style or tradition can use our certificate as CEP (Continuing Education Program). 


After the completion of the training you will be able to

  • Create your own Aerial Yoga Sequences
  • Heal anyone with the restorative yoga asanas
  • Teach others with safety
  • Gain a complete knowledge of your own body, mind and soul
  • Align yourself with the new challenges                                                                          

Our Aerial Yoga Certification Course in Bali is for anyone who would love to explore this beautiful and developing yoga style. 


Our practice of antigravity yoga uses special hammocks supporting up to 300 kilo weight. At Anaahat Yog we use a very soft 6 mtr. long silk fabric. Hammocks are then suspended from the ceiling to act like a swing while we perform asanas. Typically, the Aerial hammocks lend support for many asanas of hatha yoga which people find difficult to do on the ground. For instance, scorpion pose, handstand, inversions, etc.


Aerial Yoga adds a variety to the routine workout with its own sets of challenges. Apart from these, it has many restorative benefits, advanced meditation practices and relaxation exercises to calm your body, mind and soul. 


It gives a holistic approach to your traditional yoga practice. 

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200 Hour online yoga teacher training

50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Bali - 2021

DatesDaysTwin SharingPrivate RoomApply
1 Nov to 6 Nov 202161199 USD1399 USDApply Here
6 Nov to 11 Nov 202161199 USD1399 USDApply Here
11 Nov to 16 Nov 202161199 USD1399 USDApply Here
16 Nov to 21 Nov 202161199 USD1399 USDApply Here
21 Nov to 26 Nov 202161199 USD1399 USDApply Here

30- Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Bali - 2021

DatesDaysTwin SharingPrivate RoomApply
1 Nov to 4 Nov 20214799 USD999 USDApply Here
6 Nov to 9 Nov 20214799 USD999 USDApply Here
11 Nov to 14 Nov 20214799 USD999 USDApply Here
16 Nov to 19 Nov 20214799 USD999 USDApply Here
21 Nov to 24 Nov 20214799 USD999 USDApply Here

Aerial Yoga Retreat Bali - 2021

DatesDaysTwin SharingPrivate RoomApply
1 Nov to 5 Nov 20215799 USD999 EUROApply Here
1 Dec to 5 Dec 20215799 USD999 EUROApply Here

Discovered the Unique Accomodation & Appettie

We discovered this unique place for your personal evolution right in the heart of Bali to enjoy your Yoga Vacation without a tensed nerve on your mind.

You will be accommodated for 24 days in Bali Yoga Teacher Training Center in Puri Saron Hotel Madangan, Bali which we consider to be the ideal place to practice yoga, find like-minded people, eat healthy food or just relax in a unique natural environment. 

Bali Yoga Teacher Training Center offers single and double rooms based on the students’ requirements. The rooms have an attached bathroom and a balcony which opens up to scenic views. Proper hygiene is maintained in the rooms with clean bedsheets, pillows, bath towels, and blankets along with good Wi-Fi service available on every floor.

Our yoga school is surrounded by lovely nature and includes a yoga studio, a restaurant, a lovely green garden and an incredible swimming pool.

With delicious and nutrition-packed food being served four times a day, you will rejoice every bite of it. The all-inclusive meal plan consists of breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. 

Yoga Teacher Training Bali - Accomodation

Healthy Meal Focusing on Health benefit

we wish to cater you with a variety of food items including :

Additional things that makes your Best Bali Experience ever !

*  Free of Cost ( with no additional charge )

Teagalallang Rice Terrace- Yoga Teacher Training Bali


If you’re assuming this Yoga Holiday is only a classroom deal, well….think again! we want you to explore the serenity and adventure that this beautiful nature beholds. Group trips to Tirta Empul temple, Monkey forest, Tegalalang rice terrace and a whole lot other places are all set to thrill you

Ytt bali- hotel


To keep the environment lively and solidify friendship bonds amongst our community of like-minded people, we decided to provide the free accommodation service as an inclusive offer to make your Yoga Holiday even more worthy

Full Body Massage- Yoga Teacher Training Bali and Yoga Retreat Bali


As a token of love for our valued students, we have included a complimentary body massage to help you ease out of your stress and slip into the state of complete relaxation for your mind and body.

Ayurveda Classes- Yoga Teacher Training Bali | Yoga Retreat Bali


Enjoy up to 3 complimentary Ayurveda classes that will reveal deep insights about yourself, about others, and life in the language of nature.

Bali International Airport - Yoga retreat bali 2021


Friendly airport pick-up by the car from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. (Available for any flight time)

Study Material - Yoga Teacher Training bali 2021


All educational classes, academic fees and learning materials such as workbooks and charts. 

Yoga Teacher Training bali 2021

Are you Ready?

If you’re looking for a Yoga Teacher Training Course that not only equips you with the skills and knowledge to expand your practice. This course gives you the confidence to follow your dreams and start a yoga school of your own, then Anaahat Yog is the perfect place for you to get started.