200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

Anaahat Yog has been able to design the most comprehensive course of Yoga Teacher Training in India, especially for you. We provide training with the aim to deliver the best yoga practices that were followed in ancient India.  Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are International Yoga Alliance certified and are accepted worldwide. We have Indian Yoga Teachers with the translators available in popular languages.  Our 200 hours Yoga Teacher certification courses include the study of ancient yoga philosophy to gain in-depth knowledge of the text and techniques involved in yoga and the understand the true meaning being a “YOGI”.

We work to bring the real yogis out from our students, helping them to lead a life which they feel worth.


Become a Yoga Instructor in one month

  • In our 200 Hrs teacher training programs we train our students in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Philosophy and many other streams of yoga. You can start instructing and conducting yoga classes after undergoing yoga instructor certification program at our centre.
  • You will earn Experience: Our course curriculum has been designed in a comprehensive manner to let the students have a unique experience.
  • Alignment: understand the right postures and techniques of doing yoga asanas with proper alignment for maximum benefits.
  • Art of Teaching Yoga Asanas: teaching involves clear and spontaneous actions. During the course, you will be able to explore your inner potential of being a learner as well as a teacher.
  • You will understand the way of executing a dynamic class while being in a pure environment.
  • You will be able to introspect yourself understanding your own uniqueness, accept and appreciate others as well.
  • Recognition across the globe: with the 200hr yoga teacher training certificate from yoga alliance and participants from more than 200 countries.
  • By our training, we try bridging the gap between science and spirituality, the East and the West and most importantly between practice and teaching.


Schedule 2019: 200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

DatesPriceLight PackageLocationApply Before
1 Sept to 21 Sept 20191000 USD1250 USDRishikesh
1 Oct to 21 Oct 20191000 USD1250 USDRishikesh
1 Nov to 21 Nov 20191000 USD1250 USDRishikesh
1 Dec to 21 Dec 20191000 USD1250 USDRishikesh
1 Jan to 21 Jan 20201000 USD1250 USDRishikesh
1 Feb to 21 Feb 20201000 USD1250 USDRishikesh
1 March to 21 March 20201000 USD1250 USDRishikesh
1 April to 21 April 20201000 USD1250 USDRishikesh


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Our yoga teacher training curriculum is a comprehensive course which will give you an understanding of the following

1. Yoga philosophy

The basic text of yoga philosophy is the  Patanjali Yoga Sutras. This is the basic theory of yoga which answers many questions like – what is yoga? How yoga is beneficial in the overall development of body, mind and soul? What are the best practices to attain a stable state of dhyana? Different aspects of life and the perspective to live a better life – free from hustle and bustle. And many other questions which can help a human being live a life which is worth and attain “Nirvana”.  

2. Yoga anatomy

Studying human anatomy to understand various poses and postures. This will also help you understand the benefits of doing certain postures. It is very important for a yoga teacher to have deep knowledge about human anatomy as the physical forms of yoga incorporates movement and stretching of different body parts, along with increasing blood flow within the body.  Yoga anatomy also involves the study of different body muscles, joints, tissues and more. The yoga teacher should also have the knowledge of various changes taking place within the body to enhance the blood flow to each muscle. Take the in-depth knowledge of yoga to the mat and fine tune and deepen your practice.

3. Mantra Recitation & Meditation

Mantra can be defined as a series of phrases or words that are chanted in a repeated manner to enhance inner energy. They are mostly recited during meditation to increase concentration. They give the wandering mind a focal point. They produce a beat which is easy for the mind and body to grasp and maintain a flow in the energy system. The rhythm of the mantra gives a soothing effect allowing the energy to flow in and out. Moreover, if the person knows the proper pronunciation and the meaning of the mantra, it enhances the overall effectiveness of the mantra.

 4. Asanas & Alignment

Asana means physical posture. It is a Sanskrit Word and denotes a specific position that can be helpful for a long period while still staying relaxed and comfortable. Doing asanas is beneficial for the whole body including muscles, joints, nerves, cardiovascular system and lymphatic system. Practising asanas strengthen the entire nervous system, balancing and stabilising the practitioner’s state of mind. The after effects of doing asanas are amazing as the practitioners are left with the sense of contentment, clarity of mind, relaxed and feeling of inner peace.

Alignment can be defined as the proper way in which the body needs to be positioned while doing asanas or yoga poses. This helps in avoiding injury and obtaining maximum benefits from a particular pose. It is very important as helps in keeping the body safe while performing asanas, allowing the energy to flow within the body and let the practitioner enjoy the practice with the utmost ease.